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Open Source

Focusing on open source solutions and providing software, books, services. Extensive networks infrastructures can efficiently be implemented and managed with our products & solutions.

Online Free Documentation

As part of our on-going effort to create high-quality documentations, we makes every effort to provide users with the most complete and pertinent documents..

Security Books

Authoritative books addressing unanswered questions about Linux, written for system administrators, and security-conscious technicians who wish to protect their Linux servers from unauthorized intrusions and other attacks.

Consulting Services

Deep expertise in a wide variety of technology specializations. Whether you need on-site client directed engineering or custom engineering services, you gain access to these technical expertise with a professional service engagement.

Secure Linux OS

A Linux distribution, designed for servers with emphasis on strong security and speed. The installation program allows to choose from a selection of pre-defined, configured server classes with all unneeded services uninstalled by default.