Gerhard Mourani

Focusing on open source solutions and providing software, books, services.

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I am a Linux systems integrator with experience in Unix administration, application optimization, infrastructure security and leadership. Although my main focus is on network monitoring and expansion, I also work with infrastructure maintenance, kernel customization and Linux packaging. My career started in the shadows of a room writing security books related to Linux and providing consulting services to individual customers and commercial organizations. That's where I learned to think on my feet and be flexible. The experience taught me about business and managing heavy workloads, but most of all, it taught me about the beauty of this field of work.

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Some of my works


Authoritative books addressing unanswered questions about Linux, written for system administrators, and security-conscious technicians who wish to protect their Linux servers from unauthorized intrusions and other attacks.

Consulting Services

Deep expertise in a wide variety of technology specializations. Whether you need on-site client directed engineering or custom engineering services, you gain access to these technical expertise with a professional service engagement.

Secure Linux OS

A Linux distribution, designed for servers with emphasis on strong security and speed. The installation program allows to choose from a selection of pre-defined, configured server classes with all unneeded services uninstalled by default.

Monitoring Server

blesk Network Monitoring - Developed the most intuitive, comprehensive and cost-effective IT and network management software, mainly based on open source software.

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